Friday, November 03, 2006

Kenyan Agriculture Commodity Exchange

Kenya Agricultural Commodity Exchange (KACE)

"The KACE website,, has been developed to serve as a virtual library of agricultural information and also as a virtual trading floor or platform for commodities.

Virtual library
The content is developed to include information on major farmers' organizations and their commodity interests, input suppliers, commodity traders / brokers, other marketing services (e.g. storage, transport, credit) providers, trade policies and tariffs, export quality requirements for different markets, etc. The content is continuously reviewed, updated and expanded to keep it most current and relevant.

Virtual trading floor
This is an electronic trading platform developed to enable clients to place commodity offers to sell and bids to buy. KACE IT staff facilitate trade transactions between client sellers and buyers in an e-commerce fashion.

Through RECOTIS and the website, KACE clients are linked into Kenyan, regional (Eastern Africa) and international markets, enabling them to transact export and import trade most efficiently."

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