Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kenya Seeds for Life

The KENYA - Seeds for Life Project

Aim: to enhance ex situ conservation and sustainable utilisation of plant genetic resources indigenous to Kenya. Kenya's land area consists of about 80% arid and semi-arid lands and the project will focus on the conservation of plants from these areas. To achieve the objective of the project, partners have identified 4 key outputs expected over the next 3 years.

1. The strengthening of Kenyan capacity to conserve plant genetic resources - through the provision of equipment and technical and academic training programmes.

2. The conservation of seed collections of priority plant species using appropriate and improved methods

3. The generation and dissemination of appropriate scientific information to aid the conservation of Kenyan biological diversity

4. The identification and consideration of the current status and the potential benefit of on-farm utilisation of indigenous plants.


josh_u said...

The link for this is now seeds for life

kevin said...

Kofi Annan says 'improving farm produce and empowering the farmer starts with a good seed' reported here

kevin said...

here is an example of a seed bank in Tharaka district of Kenya.

kevin said...

Kenya govt. promotes high-yielding and drought-resistant seeds, though no details on their GM status is given. See here