Friday, July 27, 2007

Making Kenya the ICT Hub of Africa

"Digital Village Enterprises

Digital Villages are ICT facilities established to take ICT to the rural areas for economic and social development. They will provide a suite of e-services to the public via computers connected to the internet, digital cameras, printers fax machines and other communication infrastructure. There will be three types of Digital Village facilities:

Digital Schools – educational ICT facility with minimum of 5 to 10 PCs established and managed by primary and secondary schools with support from KTCIP, constituency development funds (CDF), and other public and private sector organizations. Minimum – one in each location.

Digital Kiosks – commercial ICT facility with minimum 1 to 5 PCs established and managed by entrepreneurs either individually or groups with support from KTCIP, youth and women development funds, microfinance institutions, and other investors. Minimum – one in each constituency.

Digital Centres – development ICT facility with minimum 10 to 20 PCs established and managed by community based organizations (CBOs), faith based organizations (FBOs), co-operatives, public and private sector organizations with support from KTCIP and development partners. Minimum – one in each district."

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