Sunday, July 13, 2008

African Agriculture blog

African Agriculture is the first of several Africa-related websites
to be launched in early 2007 by Africa News Network. Each of them
will deal with a particular theme of African development or economic
activity. Trade, renewable energy and environmental issues in Africa
are just three examples of planned website themes. Links will be
made available to these other thematic websites as they are
launched. It is hoped that you will visit some of these other sites
and that you will find them interesting and useful to your keeping
up to date with news and analysis on issues important to the
development of Africa. It is planned that each of these websites
will have its own email update service for busy professionals who
prefer to keep up with the sites' contents this way rather than by
surfing the sites.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Google Cache for East Africa

Google is well known for snatching up top-level talent, this holds true in Kenya as well. ICT groundbreaker Joe Mucheru heads up the Kenya office, and he’s surrounded by a team of smart young technologists. I had the chance to meet Isis Nyong’o (Strategic Parter Development Manager) while getting ready for Barcamp Nairobi, and then Chris Kiagiri (Tech Lead) and Mark de Blois (Geographic Supervisor) last week before I left. more