Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gardens For Life

"Gardens for Life brings together students from across three continents in an exciting project to enable them to share their experiences of gardening. Not only is their curriculum enriched, but students are gaining a better understanding of global issues."

"The pilot schools in the UK, Kenya and India have all established gardens to grow food crops. In Kenya produce from the gardens is used to provide meals for school children, providing a vital component in their diet as sometimes this is the main meal that they get during the day. Food security is enhanced as these gardens are able to supply a regular supply of food. Any surplus provides profits for the school when it is sold to the local community where it is much appreciated. Students can see that viable businesses can be based on horticulture. Links with the local community are being strengthened as knowledge and experiences between the students and farmers is shared."

For more read about it on the EdenProject website or on Hands On or watch a video about it.

Other related links:
Global Dimension Trust which links 75 schools in Kenya, India and the UK using 'Gardens for Life' and the 'Share to Learn' programme. For information on Kenyan partners see here. School linking seems to be supported through the British Council Global Gateway.

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